Machining and Production Technology Laboratory
Laboratory number: PP022
Head of Laboratory:

The laboratory researches the cutting process, cutting tools, and both conventional and CNC production machines.

The laboratory is equipped with:
  • CNC vertical milling center Hurco VMX30t (4-axis).
  • CNC lathe Hurco MT8 (3-axis).
  • CNC lathe Mazak NEXUS 100-M (3-axis).
  • Kistler Dynamometer.
  • Universal lathe SUI 40 (1pc) and milling machine FA4V.
  • A semi-automatic band saw BOMAR 320.250 DGH for cutting.
  • Vertical milling center STAMA MC325 (3-axis).
  • Lathe SN55.
  • Power shears NTV 2000/4.
  • Thread cutter.
  • TIG welding unit.
  • Drive unit acceleration head.
  • 3D measuring machine MORA.
The laboratory is focused on:
  • Studying the cutting process.
  • Researching accompanying phenomena of the cutting process:
    • Cutting forces in turning, milling, drilling, and grinding.
    • Temperatures in the cutting zone.
    • Dynamic phenomena in machining.
    • Surface quality of the machined part.