Department Profile

The Department of Machining and Production Technologies (DMPT) was founded on January 1, 2009, as a result of the restructuring of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Its core staff comprises members from the Automation Division of the former Department of Machining and Automation (DMA).

Our educational initiatives, along with the practical demands, underscore the imperative for continuous development in content and teaching methodologies, encompassing their methodological and didactic aspects. Practical experience now increasingly calls for addressing multidisciplinary tasks and projects.

The principal aim of studying at the Department of Machining and Production Technologies is to produce well-educated graduates who can seamlessly integrate or adapt to a wide spectrum of modern activities. This endeavour involves enhancing both expertise and good character. This multifaceted process is achieved through daily collaboration between faculty and students. This collaborative effort is notably reflected in the high-quality teaching delivered by teachers and the systematic, independent study of students.

The department's mission extends beyond teaching in all forms of higher education; it also encompasses scientific research. This commitment is not confined to academic institutions but extends to establishing close interprofessional collaborations with practice.

The department's primary focus is on educating mechanical engineers who are well-prepared, emphasizing:
  • chip machining technologies;
  • nonconventional machining methods;
  • manufacturing technology;
  • progressive technologies aimed at machining difficult-to-machine and biocompatible materials.
In the research, the department primarily focuses on:
  • research in the cutting process (drilling, grinding, turning, and milling) with new tools - optimization and intensification;
  • nonconventional methods of material machining and cutting;
  • high-speed machining of bearing materials;
  • experimental vibration analysis during machining;
  • quality control, metrological production assurance;
  • higher education system with a focus on the development of the automotive industry and its internationalization.

Photograph of the department's staff from 2023


Photograph of the department's staff from 2022