Cutting-Edge Technology at the Home of Innovation in Pfronten

Teachers and researchers from the Department of Machining and Production Technologies took part in the DMG MORI Open House 2024 international event held in the German town of Pfronten from January 31 to February 2. The Home of Innovation showcased current trends in production optimization, process integration, green initiatives, and digital transformation. With over 45 CNC machining machines on display, participants gained valuable insights into cutting-edge technology.

In addition to the expansive showroom, our employees had the unique opportunity to witness the production and assembly processes of machining machines firsthand. Observing the foundational cast iron base of a 70-ton machine, a machining machine with a working space of 10000 mm, and an automated tool control capable of holding 1200 tools significantly enhanced our employees' understanding of machining-specific dimensions.


The chance to observe the complete assembly process, from the initial phase to the final export, provided a comprehensive overview of CNC machine production. This firsthand experience equips us to integrate these processes into our educational process, enriching the learning experience for our students.

The itinerary also included a visit to Haimer, where innovative systems for measuring, clamping, and balancing tools were showcased. We extend our gratitude to DMG MORI and Haimer for generously opening their production facilities to our employees and facilitating insightful discussions on the challenges and opportunities presented by Industry 5.0.